Our products are delivered in various types of containers. When choosing the material of the container, we ephasize quality and take into account intended usage of the product. We opt for containers which enable easy and safe handling and, most importantly, meet the safety regulations for transportation of hazardous materials.

Prior to filling, the bottles and caps are leached wtih diluted acids, washed repeatedly with deionised water and then thoroughly dried.

Amber or transparent HDPE bottles, amber or transparent borosilicate bottles and LDPE, PP, PS bottles are used for packing most often.

Certified reference materials of our Blue line are newly delivered in sealed reclosable alluminium bags for better maintaing stability. The rest of our reference materials are packed PE bags.

Zabalený referenční materiál Zabalený referenční materiál


Our products are available in a wide range of volumes, from 25 ml to 500 ml as a standard, in the case of customs solutions the volume can be even bigger.


You can order all of our products via e-shop, e-mail, and post mail. Just indicate the product code, required volume and the number of units. Our sales representatives will send you the confirmation of your order immediately. If any advice is needed, please specify your requirements and our personnel will get in touch and offer a right soluiton.

Creating of an order number

Product code Volume (ml)
AN90011N 100
Order number


Most of our products are classified as hazardous and thus it is necessary to follow strictly the transport rules. In case that the transport needs special conditions, the transport requirements are indicated in the documentation of specific products.


The products need to be stored in their original packing under the conditions given by the producer. The producer guarantees a given shelf life / expiration time provided only if the materials are handled properly. Specific conditions such as how to store and handle a product are stated in its documentation.

The shelf life is the period when CRM and RM keep their certified or assigned values within the rank of asscoiated uncertainties. The expiration time is the time during which the producer guarantees the stability of CRM and RM from opening the bottle or aluminium bag (within a shelf life of RM) and is stated as a specific date.

Terms of Use

ANALYTIKA®, spol. s r.o. products are intended for laboratory use only. They are not intended for production of remedies, food or domestic usage. Only qualified personnel are allowed to handle these products.

Responsibility for safe handling with and use of these products rests solely with the buyer or user.