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Gold ore High Grade, Zlato (Au) obsah cca 26 ppm. Certifikovaná hodnota Au kupelací nebo extrakcí lučavkou královskou.
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Matrice RM:
  • Hornina
  • Ruda / Ore
  • Au

This material is described as a Gold ore High Grade.

This product is for use in the mining industry as a reference material for monitoring and testing the accuracy of laboratory assaying.

All CRMs are dried in an oven for a minimum of 12 hours at 110°C. The dry material is then pulverised to better than 75 micron (nominal mean of 45 micron) using an air classifier. The material is then homogenised and stored in a sealed, stable container ready for final packaging.

All standards are tested thoroughly in the Geostats bi-annual laboratory survey. This involves assaying by multiple laboratories from around the world. Results are compiled into a comprehensive report detailing statistics for each standard. Assay distributions are checked and processed statistically, producing monitoring statistics for these standards.

Materials are tested regularly to ensure stability and homogeneity. This product remains stable in its original packaging, away from direct sunlight.

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